Hardware Failure Predictions and Resource Monitoring

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Use Case Descriptions

Integration Environment
Physical servers with Linux or Windows; Virtualized environment with VMware.
Customer / Partner Types
Intel® Builders: Top technology company on the forefront of many areas, including processors, SSDs, and physical servers.
Company and Solution Background
Customers today insist that businesses deliver any information-based services both at a high level of performance and at a low cost. To meet these challenging standards, many organizations often seek to increase efficiencies within their data centers so that they can improve services and pass cost savings along to customers. The company has been building an ecosystem targeted at solutions across data center environments, accelerating solutions to market, and delivering tools and documentation to optimize speed solution deployments.

Requirements and Challenges

Driven by competition, IT managers often look for inefficiencies that can be eliminated to improve service and lower costs. One source of inefficiency that has mostly remained unexplored before now relates to disk failures. Disk failures commonly occur without any warning, and when they do occur, they can result in a significant drop in performance and threaten service-level agreements (SLAs). This performance drop accompanies the rebuilding phase immediately after a faulty disk is replaced. In some occasions, multiple drive failures can lead to risks of data loss.


Solution Benefits

Federator.ai addresses disk failures by using artificial intelligence (AI) to accurately predict disk failures long before they occur. With weeks of advance warning before a disk’s failure, IT staff can replace the disk before it fails in a way that reduces disruption, minimizing any performance impact. Being able to replace disks before they fail to remove potential threats to performance SLAs, and as an added benefit, it provides an additional buffer of protection against the danger of data loss. Federator.ai also integrates into VMware vSphere environment built on vSAN ReadyNode storage nodes to provide predictive analytics of the full stack from hardware to applications. 


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