ProphetStor Releases 5.0 for Planning, Automation, and Optimization of The Next Phase Full-Scale Business-Focused Cloud Operations

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MILPITAS, CA, January 27, 2022 — ProphetStor Data Services, Inc. today announced the general availability of 5.0, a major release that helps customers automate and optimize their application performance and cost in a MultiCloud environment., ProphetStor’s Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) platform, understands the application KPIs, takes the operation metadata, performs workload dynamics predictions and multi-layer impact analysis for a full-stack/deep understanding of applications. Furthermore, it provides intelligence for orchestrating Kubernetes container resources on virtual machines (VM) or bare metal. The added agility and efficiency allow users to operate applications without manually managing the underlying computing resources.

Key features in 5.0 include deep application KPI analysis, planning/simulation of application workloads and application resource tuning, and intelligent cost optimization for both clusters and applications. As a result, customers benefit from much reduced operational complexity as cost savings from continuous rightsizing resource allocations for clusters and applications. is also fully integrated with primary monitoring services such as Prometheus, Datadog, and Sysdig. It provides instant time-to-value for customers already using those monitoring services. Initial customer feedbacks show more than 35% in cost savings and more than 80% reduction in operational complexity with performance guarantees.

Modern cloud-native applications consist of microservices that typically include front-end services and backend databases. An increase in external requests to an application has different impacts on individual microservices resource usages and key performance metrics. However, such impact is difficult to quantify and understand without deep analysis. Utilizing machine learning technologies,’s Application Analysis explores the dynamic behavior of microservices in an application. As a result, the DevSecOps team can easily understand the workload dynamics, correlation, and causality between main application metrics and key performance metrics of microservices. And it then facilitates Just-in-Time Fitted cloud resources needed to support applications. In addition, continuous optimization is performed to ensure that the dynamic nature of the application workload can be automatically supported. The dynamic resource management was not available to DevSecOps before, and can easily offer it.

“With the 5.0, the DevSecOps team can have the full knowledge of the inter-dependency and interaction of individual microservices of applications deployed in Kubernetes clusters. In conjunction with’s predictive analytics, DevSecOps teams can make appropriate resource planning to ensure the reliability and performance of applications,” said Ahim Kho, Chief Strategy Officer of ProphetStor. “Also in this release, provides ML-based cost optimization for clusters, namespaces, and applications with specific compute instances and resource recommendations. As a result, customers can enjoy the savings without worrying about the impact on performance.”

“With our patented multi-layer correlation analysis for operation metadata, we can reduce thousands of times of complexity and make 5.0 computationally feasible for large-scale deployments. This release is a major milestone for proactive resource management for applications as we can now handle multi-layer resource predictions in a full-stack operation,” said Eric Chen, Chairman and CEO of ProphetStor. “It is complementary to the existing major AIOps platforms focusing more on issue isolations and security. Cost of operation and lacks of visibility for future operations are major issues seen by customers and service providers alike, as evidenced by the article ‘The Cost of Cloud, a Trillion Dollar Paradox,’ by Sarah Wang and Martin Casado of Andreesen Horowitz. We are delighted that shows that the cost of operations can be contained while keeping the applications in the Clouds.”

ProphetStor’s patented deep Learning-enabled Data Correlation and Impact Prediction Engine (DataProphet) forms the foundation for its ProphetStor’s 5.0 is a generally available product from ProphetStor. For a detailed description of the solution, please visit

About ProphetStor Data Services, Inc.

ProphetStor Data Services, Inc., a leader in the Intelligent Data Platform, provides AI-enabled federated data services for the operation to help enterprises and cloud service providers build agile, automated, cost-effective, intelligent, and orchestrated IT and Cloud infrastructures.
ProphetStor was founded in 2012 by seasoned IT experts with extensive experience in cloud computing platforms, software-based networked storage, data services, and AI technology.
Headquartered in Milpitas, California, ProphetStor has branch offices in Asia-Pacific and European regions to serve international customers. For more information, visit

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