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Sysdig inspects every aspect of your Kubernetes Clusters, from capacity to control plane, so enterprise customers have full visibility of cloud infrastructure and application deployment status, and avoid potential problems. With the integration of Sysdig, collects the application workload metrics from Sysdig Monitor service. analyzes the applications and workload metrics and provides the workload predictions and resource recommendations. Users can easily manage cluster and applications from web console, and with predefined custom Sysdig dashboards, Sysdig customers can manage/monitor clusters and applications all from the same single pane of glass.

DiagramThe integration workflow

Sysdig Agent posts application metrics to Sysdig Monitor service.

Data Adapter queries application metrics from Sysdig Monitor service.


Data Adapter exports predictions/ recommendations to Sysdig Agent.


Sysdig Agent forwards predictions/ recommendations to Sysdig Monitor service.


KEDA pulls recommendations from


KEDA HPA autoscales applications based on recommendations.


Sysdig Monitor Dashboards display cluster/application workload predictions and resource recommendations by

A Single-pane-of-glass Management Console

Other than using the GUI of, users who are familiar with Sysdig can also use the Sysdig web portal to take advantage of AI-based predictions and recommendations from

Cluster Overview
It shows future CPU and memory usage predictions and recommendations for the entire cluster and for each individual cluster node in the next 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. It also displays cluster node CPU/memory resource utilization history in daily, weekly, or monthly view.
ProphetStor Application Overview

It shows the application workload predictions and resource recommendations for the next 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days. It also displays current and previous predicted CPU and memory usages of applications.

Kafka Overview

It shows the current/ recommended Kafka consumer replicas, the current/ predicted Kafka message production rate and consumption rate, the consumer lags, the Consumer Queue Latency (msec), and the CPU/memory usage of Kafka consumers.

VideoHow to set up on for Sysdig

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