Applied Observability with AI/ML Technologies —
How Federator.ai Helps Modern IT Operations

As businesses continue to digitalize and adopt new technologies, the need for effective data management and observability becomes increasingly important. According to Gartner, AI and Machine learning applied systematically will be a major technology trend in 2023 and beyond. And Applied Observability, captured and analyzed by AI for recommendations for faster and more accurate future decisions, is a key trend for businesses to stay ahead in the digital age.

Why Federator.ai Can Manage Data in Modern IT Operations

Federator.ai enables ‘Applied Observability’ by providing insights across multiple monitoring data sources, multi-layer infrastructure, and MultiCloud environments. With our patented AI and machine learning technologies, Federator.ai offers an innovative approach to predicting system resource requirements and managing resources through multi-layer correlations. This capability allows for effective prediction of changes in application workloads and deployment of resources at future time points to meet operational needs. These unparalleled observability and optimization capabilities provide businesses with deep insights into their data, allowing them to make informed, data-driven decisions that bridge the gap between corporate KPIs and resource provisioning APIs.

Federator.ai's AI ML Technologies for the Future