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NGINX Ingress Controller is a traffic management solution for cloud‑native apps in Kubernetes and containerized environments. With autoscaling recommendations from, users can experience better performance in a more  cost-efficient way for upstream web services.

DiagramThe integration workflow

Collect workloads and KPI from Ingress Controller.
Modeling and Machine-Learning-based predictions for workloads.
Apply recommendations for autoscaling.

Benefits from®

Effective workload predictions uses HTTP request rate of the Ingression Controller and target KPI metrics such as average response time and HTTP response error rate as the key metrics for autoscaling upstream web services. Predictions of HTTP request rate give a more accurate indication of real workloads for the upstream web services.

Cost-effective application deployments integrates the workload metrics, workload predictions, and application KPI in deciding the right number of replicas and achieves more cost-effective application deployments.

Achieving desired performance

Without guessing or experimenting on what metric threshold to set in Kubernetes native HPA, achieves better use of resources for desired performance automatically. dashboard for Ingress Upstream Services

Start for free today and benefit from the values of machine-learning for your NGINX application.