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What is® helps enterprises optimize cloud resources, maximize application performance, and save significant cost without excessive over-provisioning or under-provisioning of resources, meeting the service-level requirements of their applications. Enterprises often lack understanding of the resources needed to support their applications. This leads to either excessive over-provisioning or under-provisioning of resources (CPU, memory, storage). Using machine learning, determines the optimal cloud resources needed to support any workload on Kubernetes and helps users find the best-cost instances from cloud providers for their applications.

How® benefits SUSE/ Rancher customers

Rancher is an open-source software platform that enables organizations to run containers at scale. With, SUSE/ Rancher can benefit from understanding the application resource usage for better capacity planning, continuous optimization of application resource allocation and reduced deployment cost, and intelligent autoscaling that meets application performance goals without wasted resources.

How to download® from SUSE/ Rancher Marketplace

Please follow the steps below to download

Step1: Login to Rancher Cluster Explorer.

Step2: Click on ‘Apps & Marketplace’.

              Step3: Enter ‘’ on the search bar to locate       Select tile.

                         Step4: Follow the steps in this video to install and                     complete the setup of

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