Cost Management

The global cloud computing market is expected to increase exponentially, but the waste, at least 30% of spend, grows with cloud usage.
IT administrators cannot foresee the computing resource demands of applications, let alone plan and budget cloud infrastructure cost to meet business growth. As a result, allocating more resources than needed seems to be inevitable.

Federator.ai, a machine learning based solution, provides not only cost analysis of clusters or VMs for a smarter MultiCloud strategy but also optimized recommendations that help utilize resources based on workload predictions. Furthermore, it offers cost comparison among major public cloud service providers and make your cloud migrations much easier.

Cost Projection with Workload Predictions
ML-based predictive analytics provides a forecast for capacity and recommendations for the entire cluster or individual VM.
Operational Savings with Continuous Rightsizing
Utilize predictive analytics for application resource demands to achieve continuous rightsizing of the applications.
Migrate to Other Clouds
Facilitate cloud migration decision by means of immediate cost comparisons and cluster configuration recommendations from major public clouds.