Federator.ai® Questions?

What is Federator.ai?

ProphetStor Federator.ai is an Artificial Intelligence for IT operations platform that utilizes the operation metrics already collected by Prometheus, Datadog, or Sysdig to further provide values to automate operations and optimize cost and performance. Federator.ai uses machine learning technologies and accurately predicts the future workload and resource demands, which could be used in rightsizing the resource allocations for applications, performing cluster capacity planning, as well as autoscaling the right number of container replicas just in time for workload demands.

Features and Benefits

Federator.ai acquires operational data collected by monitoring services. As long as those monitoring services provide enough operational data (at least a month is recommended), Federator.ai can produce its predictions within a few hours.
The longer the monitoring services feed data to our machine learning-based algorithms, the more accurate the result of predictions can be presented by Federator.ai.

Federator.ai utilizes a machine learning algorithm to build different featured models mirroring real operations, aka Digital Twins.
With the help of AI, hundreds of the features in the application workloads can be rapidly identified and inducted to fit models so that the predictions Federator.ai provides can be fast but reliable.

Federator.ai understands application behaviors and the resources they consume at different layers, from controller level to cluster level, to produce a Multi-layer Cascade Causal AI Analysis.
With insights into the intricacies of multi-layer correlations, Federator.ai can continuously optimize resource allocation in operations with minimized impact on critical workloads and, therefore, make its optimization actionable and sustainable.
No matter you are suffering from managing the patchwork of legacy and cloud technology, enduring the concerns of opportunity cost with the infrastructure upgrade, or struggling with the migration from one cloud to another, Federator.ai is an excellent AIOps tool to help.

Federator.ai uses an AI algorithm to predict and recommend the right amount of resource usage for containers, namespaces, and clusters. In many cases, Federator.ai’s recommendations lead up to 70% of cost savings.
Since the usage of resources can be precisely predicted, you can also take advantage of the cost comparisons with different public clouds, so that the opportunities for potential savings in the future can be captured.

Yes, with policy settings, Federtor.ai can apply the resource recommendations of a container automatically.
Yes. Federator.ai supports a few different types of automation:

  1. Auto resource provisioning to adjust the right amount of resource usage for containers and namespaces.
  2. Prediction-based HPA that automatically scales containers based on predicted workloads.
  3. Application-aware scaling for Kafka consumer and Web Services using NGINX ingress controller.

Yes, Federator.ai provides resource predictions/recommendations and cost analysis for the VMware VM cluster and AWS VM Cluster.

Yes, Federator.ai can be integrated with Gitlab and Terraform when deploying applications to Kubernetes clusters.


Federator.ai supports metrics from Datadog, Sysdig, and Prometheus for Kubernetes clust