AI-enabled Disk Prophet® Paves the Way for Intelligent Data Center Operations

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ProphetStor’s New AI-enabled Disk Prophet™ Paves the Way for Intelligent Data Center Operations

MILPITAS, CA, April 16, 2018 — ProphetStor Data Services, Inc., a leader in Intelligent Data Platform, announced today the availability of an updated version of StellarFlash® 5.0 (build # 3093), a flash-optimized storage software that powers both of All-Flash Arrays (AFA) and Hybrid Arrays solutions. StellarFlash® now integrates with the latest version of Disk Prophet™ 2.5; its patented intelligent data analytics and predictive engine for disk failure, fault, and fatigues. The new capabilities of predictive analytics and intelligent operations improve the SLAs of Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC) with much reduced cost and uncertainty.

StellarFlash® not only has optimized performance, but also becomes proactive and intelligent. The integration improves operational efficiency as it helps customer act upon the disk failure predictions to decide the best time for disk replacement without performance degradation and service outage.

ProphetStor is committed to introducing innovative solutions for bringing intelligence into Software-Defined Data Centers. The details of both releases as well as the new features associated with the releases are described below:

Key Features of StellarFlash® 5.0 includes:

  •  Disk Prophet™ integration provides disk failure prediction and volume/pool/disk impact analysis with enhanced user interfaces and experiences.
  • Advanced configuring for including NVMe as cache for appliances.

Key Features of Disk Prophet™ 2.5 includes:

  • Correlation analysis in vSAN environment: Disk Prophet™ provides a comprehensive data and resources analysis in a vSAN environment. DiskProphet™ automatically detects the entities, such as VMware hosts, datastores, VMs, and disks and analyzes how the resources utilization and system operations from one entity can affect others.
  • Impact prediction for disk failure: DiskProphet™ predict disk failures and analyzes the impact of the failure on operations of hosts, datastores, and VMs. 
  • Proactive alerts by user-defined metrics and events: Disk Prophet™ equips a streaming engine to generate alerts on events by users’ interests. Disk Prophet™ monitors system performance with user-defined metrics. When an event is triggered, Disk Prophet™ server generate alerts according to rules customized by users.

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