ProphetStor Is Granted a Patent on Modeling Application Workloads to Automate the Management and to Predict the Anomalies of Storage Resources in MultiCloud Environments

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MILPITAS, CA, August 31, 2020 — ProphetStor Data Services, Inc. was assigned the patent “METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR STORAGE TRAFFIC MODELING“ (Patent number US 9,906,424) by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent is a foundation for software-defined data centers where the requirement of flexible adjustment of resources in meeting application demands can only be fulfilled when the workload can be modeled and predicted.
ProphetStor’s employs application-awareness and workload prediction as the basis for resource allocation and adaptation to meet the requested SLA, to optimize performance, and to drastically reduce the cost of over-provisioning. With this patented technology, it is now possible to automate the management and to predict the anomalies of the storage resources using Machine Learning technologies. The understanding of future behaviors of storage and other resources can further benefit the sustainability of a cloud center as it helps optimize placement of workloads and resolve issues before they turn into problems. Furthermore, it can trigger auto-migration when the resource is failing or when the resource could not support the required performance. Therefore, supporting continuous operation of the applications becomes possible.
“Application workloads are dynamic. However, in the past, the common practices in resource allocation for applications are static and over-provisioned, creating wastes and uncertainties. Without proper modeling, planning and optimization are not achievable. Together with the previously patented technologies, ProphetStor’s newly granted patent makes it possible to deliver dynamic resource allocation for applications. The modeling of the application workload can turn the guesswork of planning and allocation into an easy task,” said Eric Chen, CEO of ProphetStor. “We are delighted to receive the patent grant and believe the technology can bring tremendous values to customers.”
ProphetStor’s patented, Deep Learning enabled Data Correlation and Impact Prediction Engine (DCIE) forms the foundation for its ProphetStor’s 4.3 is a generally available product from ProphetStor. For a detailed description of the solution, please visit 

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