Federator.ai Significantly Reduces Cloud Spend and Carbon Footprint at P Bank


P Bank is a leading European bank with a strong global presence. The bank has a history dating back to 1822 and has evolved to become one of the world’s largest financial institutions, offering a range of financial products and services to clients across the globe. P Bank strongly focuses on sustainability and has made significant efforts in recent years to reduce its environmental impact, including setting ambitious targets to reduce its carbon footprint.

In recent years, P Bank has recognized the importance of digital transformation in its operations and has invested heavily in developing its digital capabilities. As part of this transformation, the bank has adopted Kubernetes as a critical technology for its containerized workloads, providing the flexibility, scalability, and reliability required for modern applications.

Challenges in Cloud Operations: Addressing High Costs and Environmental Sustainability Goals

P Bank faced the challenges of optimizing its Kubernetes infrastructure, reducing costs on the IKS platform, and reporting the saving of carbon footprint. To address this challenge, the bank required advanced analytics capabilities to predict and optimize future resource usage patterns, minimize over-provisioning and underutilization, and ensure application resilience in the face of dynamic workloads – a critical requirement for a financial institution. As an example, one of the bank’s Kubernetes clusters consisted of 15 worker nodes and a total of 27 nodes running Kubernetes 1.13, with a total of 252 vCPU and 1500 GB memory, and it supported 135 namespaces and more than 2,000 pods. In addition, the bank was also in the process of transitioning its legacy system to OpenShift while using Prometheus to collect metrics.

In addition, P Bank Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report shows its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, including a 50% reduction in direct and indirect carbon emissions by 2030 and a 100% reduction in its financing of coal-related activities in OECD countries by 2030. Therefore, P Bank turned to ProphetStor’s Federator.ai for help.

Optimizing Cloud Operations and Application Resilience while Minimizing Carbon Footprint with Federator.ai

ProphetStor’s Federator.ai solution proved to be a successful choice for P Bank in achieving cost savings and reducing its carbon footprint. Here are some details on how Federator.ai helped the bank achieve its goals:

  • Federator.ai collected operation metadata for existing Prometheus that P Bank had employed, which allowed the bank to plan and orchestrate resources and cost savings based on Federator.ai’s predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities. 
  • Federator.ai helped optimize resource capacity by forecasting future workload patterns, minimizing the risk of over- or under-provisioning across platforms. This allowed P Bank to optimize its infrastructure and cloud resources for maximum efficiency and cost savings of more than 50%. 
  • Federator.ai’s AI-powered analytics and automation capabilities ensured application resilience under dynamic workloads, providing the bank with a reliable and efficient infrastructure and cloud operation for its critical financial applications. 
  • As a result of using Federator.ai, P Bank significantly reduced its cloud operation costs while maintaining optimal performance and reliability for its applications. In addition, the bank was also able to reduce its carbon footprint by optimizing its resource usage and minimizing waste. Furthermore, it can scientifically report the reduction, aligning with its sustainability and Green IT commitment.

The case study of P Bank using ProphetStor’s Federator.ai highlights the importance of leveraging advanced technologies for digital transformation and sustainability goals. By adopting Federator.ai’s analytics and automation, businesses can optimize their infrastructure for maximum efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability, while ensuring application resilience and reliability under dynamic workloads.

In conclusion, the partnership between P Bank and ProphetStor exemplifies the advantages of Federator.ai for digital transformation and sustainability. By leveraging Federator.ai’s predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities, P Bank achieved substantial cost savings while ensuring seamless operations for a highly competitive market. Furthermore, these capabilities enabled P Bank to reduce its carbon footprint in anticipation of the heightened stringency of the EU ESG regulation, all while maintaining optimal performance and reliability for critical financial applications.


Cost Savings
Maximum efficiency and cost savings of more than 50%