Introduction to ProphetStor’s Cloud Operations, Optimized

The Architecture

ProphetStor is a leading provider of IT/cloud operation optimization and application resilience solutions, with over 14 granted USA patents and 10+ patents pending. is our advanced ML-based solution that enables predictive and prescriptive cascade causal analysis, automating optimization and sustainability in IT/cloud operations. By bridging the gap between corporate KPIs and resource provisioning APIs, we deliver proactive actions for mission-critical situations. platform architecture is shown below:
Figure 1: platform architecture

Precision Operations Analytics from ProphetStor enables businesses to gain more accurate IT/Cloud operation insights. These insights enhance business procedures, marketing strategies, and user experience, improving overall performance. Increases Business Value

ProphetStor helps businesses with digital transformation by aligning IT with business objectives, ensuring data availability, dependability, and security while maximizing cloud resources and saving costs. Our ML-based solutions help businesses meet KPIs and generate economic value, enabling Business Success Management (BSM). Our comprehensive approach to digital transformation enables businesses to realize the full potential of IT services.

Selecting the Best KPI for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about creating new value through innovative methods rather than simply lifting and shifting. We assist businesses in identifying their top transformation goals and selecting KPIs that will help them differentiate themselves from the perspective of investors, employees, and customers—the North Star concept. Our strategic KPI portfolio strategy helps businesses meet their KPIs while generating value.

Operation Metadata from ProphetStor collects historical operation metadata from popular monitoring solutions, including Prometheus, Datadog, Sysdig, and AWS CloudWatch, providing management APIs for suggestions and actions on-premises or in the Cloud. We help businesses automatically transform functional metadata into competitive advantages, optimizing multi-layer processes for essential corporate KPIs, such as growth rates and the number of users, bridging the gap between corporate KPIs and IT APIs, and ensuring CEO and CFO validation/benchmarking.

Advantages of the Patented Technology on Cascade Causal Analysis: Application-Aware Green IT

Application awareness is essential for operation optimization. provides critical insights into complex operations, recommending ways to reach application KPIs using resource APIs. Our holistic view necessitates fewer workload classifications and trending criteria, allowing for application acceleration cost analysis, workload placement, and capacity planning. In addition, our technology optimizes MultiCloud operations by combining various instance types, resource autoscaling, potential issue mitigation, and cost-aware cloud application deployment/placements, all done scientifically.
Figure 2: Example of the Carbon footprint reduction in Cloud operation with Enables a Wide Range of Enterprise and Cloud Applications and Services is a robust platform from ProphetStor that provides a wide range of corporate and cloud apps and services to address the different demands of enterprises. These include FinOps, which optimizes cloud costs for financial operations; AIOps, which uses artificial intelligence to automate IT operations; MLOps, which streamlines machine learning operations; and economical arbitrage enablement, which assists businesses in optimizing their cloud resources and costs. With these cutting-edge solutions, organizations may achieve more efficiency, lower expenses, and maximize their resources to drive growth and success.

Examples of Use Cases has diverse use cases in areas such as finance, telecommunications, social media, networking, and others. One customer case study, for example, demonstrated how assisted BNP Paribas in lowering their IKS platform’s cost and carbon footprint across all installations. Another case study showed how assisted Orange Network in France in controlling resources and saving money through workload estimates and automated resource optimization.
Figure 3: use cases across industries

Why Should You Use ProphetStor?

ProphetStor has long been dedicated to addressing essential IT and cloud operations concerns, offering computation-capable and secure solutions to businesses of all sizes. With our proprietary technology and unique solutions, we have a competitive advantage, and we welcome collaboration with FinOps, MLOps, and MSPs to become leaders in the digital transformation journey.

ProphetStor is honored to be a pioneer in application resilience and IT/Cloud operation optimization. We try to assist businesses in meeting their KPIs and generating economic value while decreasing their carbon footprint and tackling essential operational concerns.

ProphetStor invites you to join us as partners and leaders on this digital transformation journey. Let us help you meet your organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs) and generate business value by leveraging our advanced ML-based technologies, operational metadata, and patented technology on cascade causal analysis and application-aware Green IT. So join us on our journey to digital transformation and become a partner of success!