StellarFlash Arrays Delivers Intelligence to Software-defined Datacenter

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To Satisfy the Changing Needs of Business-Critical Applications

MILPITAS, CA, September 18, 2017 — ProphetStor Data Services, Inc., the leader in software-defined storage solutions, announced today the availability of the StellarFlash Arrays based on certified commodity storage server platforms. The turnkey appliances are available in an all-flash-array (AFA) configuration or as a hybrid (HFA), combination of both SSDs and hard disks offering a blend of capacity and performance.

StellarFlash integrated with ProphetStor’s patented analytics, machine learning with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and prediction services, ensures that all resources are monitored and any disruption due to wear/tear is caught via predictive analytics early on to prevent unforeseen downtime. This was made possible by combining high-performance arrays with built-in software-defined storage and data services along with data protection and recovery services.

“ProphetStor’s StellarFlash arrays help companies stay ahead of storage and application demand for growth and performance in a cost-effective manner,” said Eric Chen, ProphetStor CEO.  “This is an ideal form factor for the channel and OEM partners, which we are actively recruiting around the globe to enable them to offer the benefits of Federator SDS within this all flash or hybrid appliance.  Our customers will have a virtualized solution that is highly intelligent, flexible and aware, and specifically built to address their storage, application and data protection needs today and in the future.”

StellarFlash Storage Arrays comes with VMware Storage Hardware Certification including VAAI Block Devices to ensure customers obtain a jointly certified and supported hardware solutions. StellarFlash is also supported as a Cinder block driver for OpenStack.StellarFlash offers low-latency storage and ProphetStor Federator SDS flash-optimized software that dynamically analyzes and reacts to actual workloads through:
  • Smart Caching – StellarFlash’s Smart Cache utilizes predictive analysis of IO operations to dynamically design an optimized cache policy based on predicted workloads, improving IOPS efficiency by 45%
  • Optimized Storage Utilization – StellarFlash’s native deduplication and compression reduce storage footprint up to 5X
  • Faster Deployment – StellarFlash features a unified graphical user interface (GUI) to manage and monitor the entire storage environment from a single pane of glass; it also provides a set of feature-rich RESTful APIs programmatically create and provision flash resources to workloads
  • High Scalability – StellarFlash’s management software allows enterprises to scale up for performance or scale out for capacity at the same time
  • Data Protection – StellarFlash arrays use advanced data protection features including frequent point-in-time snapshots, replication, high availability with active-active controller failover, encryption and RAID
The embedded Federator platform provides the next generation of scalable storage and data services management that enables better control, increased competitive advantage, enhanced storage performance and scalability, and reduces the TCO significantly for storage in the cloud era. These combined functionalities are essential to addressing the software-defined data center scale and performance requirements along with the evolution of storage systems toward being all-flash based.

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