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ProphetStor’s AI-Driven DiskProphet® 2.0 Leaps to Deliver Higher Standard of Services with Accurate Predictions for Both Disks and Systems

MILPITAS, CA, February 27, 2018 — ProphetStor Data Services, Inc., a leader in Intelligent data platform, announced today the general availability of its patented intelligent data analytics and predictives solution for disk failures – DiskProphet® 2.0, now with expanded platforms and enhanced GUI for DiskProphet Server and Cloud Services.


The DiskProphet® 2.0 release features several new capabilities and enhancements that addresses the challenges of software-defined datacenters:


  • Impact analysis with total visibility of correlation of virtualizations. A resource map is built from a hierarchical structure of VMware’s objects by collecting metadata from vCenter. With this structure, DiskProphet helps users quickly identify virtual machines and datastores that are affected by a predictive disk failure.
  • Workload prediction and optimization. Prediction of physical hosts and virtual machines workload by using the advanced machine learning technology improves infrastructure resource utilization and reduces performance conflicts.


The highlight of this new release is the support of VMware vSAN. DiskProphet® 2.0 predicts the failure of the disks installed in ESXi hosts of a vSAN cluster. The users of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) usually suffer from significant performance degradation during the time vSAN data re-balancing started due to a disk failure. With DiskProphet’s disk failure and performance prediction capabilities, the data center operation can proactively prevent the impact of disk failures in a virtualization environment.


Key Features of DiskProphet® 2.0 includes:

  • Provides REST API and data collection agents to feed SMART data and performance metrics into DiskProphet® for predicting disk failure and performance.
  • Applies state-of-the-art and US-patented machine learning technology to predict failure of disks, including HDDs and SSDs and across SATA and SAS.
  • Predicts disk and host behavior, including performance and usage.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard provides total visibility of disk performance and health status.
  • Supports multiple platforms/Operation Systems, including Linux, VMware vSAN, Ceph, and Nutanix.

About ProphetStor Data Services, Inc.

ProphetStor Data Services, Inc., a leader in the Intelligent Data Platform, provides AI-enabled federated data services to help both enterprises and cloud service providers to build agile, automated, cost-effective, intelligent and orchestrated IT and Cloud infrastructures.
ProphetStor was founded in 2012 by seasoned IT experts with extensive experience in cloud computing platforms, software-based network storage, data services, and AI technology.
Headquartered in Milpitas, California, ProphetStor has branch offices in Asia-Pacific and European regions to serve international customers. For more information, visit

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