ProphetStor’s Patent on AI-based Methods in Predicting the Life Span of Storage Systems Facilitates Proactive Management to Support SLAs and Reduce Operation Costs in Data and Cloud Centers

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MILPITAS, CA, July 20, 2020 — ProphetStor Data Services, Inc. was assigned the patent “METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DIAGNOSING REMAINING LIFETIME OF STORAGES IN DATA CENTER“ (Patent number US 10,606,722) by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patented technology has been incorporated in ProphetStor’s platform that leverages the multi-layer operation data collected by monitoring software or services. These operation data include metrics from application logs, virtualization platforms, cloud service providers, and infrastructures. The technology can also be applied to the life span predictions of other components in an IT environment. With this innovation, can continuously work on collected data, including the health of the disks and storage systems and application workloads, to produce predictions for the life spans of the storage systems. It becomes the foundation of AIOps (AI in IT Operations) in a data center or a cloud center, effectively changing the conventional reactive issue resolution approach to pro-active maintenance efforts. The solution is also essential in the 5G networks to enable the “Zero-Touch” operations.
“Delivering needed SLA and minimizing the complexity and cost of operations in the Data and Cloud Centers are essential in the movements to the Cloud. Predictivity brings transparency, and that, in turn, brings operation efficiency. ProphetStor is delighted to be recognized for its innovative technology through this patent grant. We have incorporated the technology in all of our product lines and have brought tremendous values to customers. The customers, ranging from storage vendors, professional service teams, data and cloud centers, and high-performance computing facilities, have reported significant improvement in their daily operations,” said Eric Chen, ProphetStor CEO. “As a pioneer in Digital Information and AIOps for Kubernetes platforms, we are applying the innovations in to create the Application-aware, Just-in-Time, and Fitted resource allocation and workload placement operation plans that optimize cost and performance. can also help schedule workloads away from nodes that are predicted to fail during their life-cycles. The full-stack management capability will help improve efficiency and provide the administrators with proactive action plans. is a game-changer to the traditional reactive issue resolution approaches that wait for the problems to happen and then deal with them.”
ProphetStor’s patented, Deep Learning enabled Data Correlation and Impact Prediction Engine (DataProphet) forms the foundation for its ProphetStor’s 4.2 is a generally available product from ProphetStor. For a detailed description of the solution, please visit®.

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