Federator.ai Solution Granted a Patent for Application-aware, Resilient, and Optimized IT/Cloud Operations

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MILPITAS, CA, February 15, 2023 — ProphetStor, a leading provider of innovative IT and cloud resource management solutions, is pleased to announce the award of US Patent No. 11579933 for “Method for Establishing System Resource Prediction and Resource Management Model through Multi-layer Correlations.” This patent marks a significant step forward for ProphetStor’s Federator.ai, which provides unique application-aware resource planning and optimization capabilities for enterprise and data center IT/Cloud Operations.

Federator.ai can predict application workload and build correlation models with resources using patented multi-layer correlation technology and machine learning. This enables just-in-time resource orchestration and allocation. This method ensures that application resilience is maintained while operating costs are reduced. Furthermore, this solution may be computationally feasible while meeting corporate/application KPIs.

Federator.ai differentiates itself from other IT and cloud resource management solutions by providing unique application insight, resource planning, and optimization capabilities. Federator.ai’s application-aware approach goes beyond the standard resource optimization offered by other solutions, making it a top choice for organizations looking to reduce their carbon footprint and optimize operations through proper resource allocation, whether using on-premises or cloud computing resources. Furthermore, Federator.ai is simple to integrate into existing data center infrastructure, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution for increasing energy efficiency.

This novel approach to using predictive and prescriptive analytics for resource management is consistent with the Gartner 2023 technological trend, Applied Observability in the Optimization theme. Furthermore, Federator.ai’s just-in-time resource orchestration and allocation capabilities assist customers seeking Green IT and Cost Optimization solutions by effectively meeting corporate/application KPIs through the IT/Cloud resources APIs that support them.

“We are incredibly proud of our team for reaching this significant milestone,” said ProphetStor CEO Eric Chen. “Our patented technology represents a breakthrough in IT and cloud resource management, allowing us to deliver unique and valuable insights that help our customers optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve their sustainability. ProphetStor strives to be the forefront of IT and cloud resource management innovation. This patent is just one example of our commitment to providing modern businesses with sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.”

Federator.ai from ProphetStor continues to develop innovative, industry-leading solutions that enable businesses to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve their sustainability. As a result, Federator.ai is poised to be the top choice for organizations looking to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve cost optimization through proper resource allocation, whether using on-premises or cloud computing resources, thanks to this patented technology.

Assume you’re looking for an innovative and one-of-a-kind solution to optimize your IT and cloud operations while lowering your carbon footprint and costs. Federator.ai from ProphetStor is the solution for you in that case. Federator.ai can predict application workload, build correlation models with resources, and provide just-in-time fitted resource orchestration and allocation using its patented multi-layer correlation technology and machine learning capabilities. To learn more about Federator.ai and how it can help you achieve your business objectives, contact ProphetStor today.

About ProphetStor Data Services, Inc.

ProphetStor Data Services, Inc., a leader in the Intelligent Data Platform, provides AI-enabled federated data services for the operation to help enterprises and cloud service providers build agile, automated, cost-effective, intelligent, and orchestrated IT and Cloud infrastructures.

ProphetStor was founded in 2012 by seasoned IT experts with extensive experience in cloud computing platforms, software-based networked storage, data services, and AI technology.

Headquartered in Milpitas, California, ProphetStor has branch offices in Asia-Pacific and European regions to serve international customers. For more information, visit https://prophetstor.com.

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