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Performance Resilience

Tackling the dynamic demands of workloads down to the application level is key to performance optimization with right amount of resources.’s CrystalClear Time Series Analysis Engine captures the dynamic nature of application workload and produces accurate resource usage predictions. With Just-In-Time Fitted recommendations from DataProphet Recommendation Engine, application performance and resilience can be ensured with automatic and agile resource adjustments.

Prediction-based Orchestration

Continuous ML-based predictions provide more accurate estimates for resource orchestration that fits the dynamic nature of application demands.

Just-in-Time Fitted Recommendations

With predictions that match the fluctuated capacity and consumption of resources, Just-In-Time fitted recommendations ensure application performance resilience and resource efficiency.

Intelligent Autoscaling & Resource provisioning

Automated intelligent auto-scaling and resource provisioning reduces manual adjustment and increase operational efficiency while maintaining application performance.